The Eroscity Series


D.R. Goff

Two years into a photography degree at Ohio University, D. R. Goff  was drafted and became an army photographer stationed first at U.S.M.A. West Point, and then as a divisional photographer with the 25th infantry in Viet Nam.

After release in 1970, Goff began a freelance career starting in Indianan then moving to Ohio. During the past twenty-eight years, Goff has developed a commercial style known for its dramatic lighting. Using hard light, Goff creates a clean edge with dramatic shadows.

One picture of a ballerina first shot for Ballet Metropolitan in Columbus, Ohio has been reproduced as a poster and reissued internationally for the past twenty years.

D.R. Goff  has concentrated in fashion and architectural photography, for which he has received numerous awards from the national and regional advertising community.

-excerpt from American Photographers – An illustrated Who’s Who among leading contemprary Americans.


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