The Eroscity Series

Artist’s Statement


The 1950’s television show, “Love That Bob,” which featured Bob Cummings as a L.A. glamour photographer was probably my first impression of what a career in photography might be like beyond the corn fields of Indiana.

More realistically, my career began in the mid 1960s with the Harris Township 4-H Club. After majoring in photography at Ohio University, serving as an army photographer at West Point and a combat photographer in Viet Nam, I found photography would take me through the next 30 years.

Studying the works of great photographers such as Man Ray, Richard Avedon, Sam Haskins, David Duncan and Lucien Clerge, I began to distill my own vision which continues to evolve today.

COMPOSITION is the graphic anchor of my style. It works to direct one’s eye around and through the images I am either enhancing, describing or portraying. It helps create a style I call COVER ART. This is the visual hook that stops your eye as you scan a row of magazine covers. The visual impact is immediate, even if incomplete at first. Once the eye is captured, the more time spent viewing the image, there is more revealed than just technique.

LIGHT, whether created technically through sophisticated manipulation, or discovered as it exists naturally, is the essential element for producing creative imagery. As an element of design, I enjoy using it to make images that have their own unique qualities. Whether the effects are graphic, romantic, whimsical, or purely descriptive and representative, lighting is probably the favorite element of my creative palette.

“EROSCITY” has been culled from totally personal visions outside the commercial reality that has made up most of my career. It is the secret and sensitive side of my life and my art.




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